Version 1.0.1 - Fixes & Features

First update to Protostellar is ready! We fixed some bugs, did a bit of balancing and even added a few features.

New stuffs...

Magma and ice projectiles got some changes. It used to transform previously collected ice / magma to rock, making it very hard to fill up the progression meter with either. Now instead it removes a part of the collected ice / magma. This makes it harder to level up, but easier to level up as an ice or magma planet. Hitting a projectile now also have audio and visual feedback.

Score planets! As the game progresses it becomes harder to gain more levels. To help remedy the struggle we added new planets that give a lot more score when collected. The ice and magma versions of these fire more projectiles so consuming one without taking a hit might not be easy, but is worth the trouble.

I personally prefer to use keyboard, but you can now use mouse controls. For the web build, you can even use touch controls... just keep in mind it's not optimized for phone so FPS might be less than optimal.

Volume controls for SFX and ambient music. Yep, just like most games out there you can now change the volume.

We also added a credits page for those curious players.


To make it easier we slightly increased the acceleration for the player. Good for those panic moments. Max speed remains the same so getting jump scared by a bigger planet shouldn't be an issue.

More of... everything! We felt the game would sometimes just be empty, so we increased spawn rate of planets

Increased player size for first evolution a bit, and also tweaked the enemy sizes. This makes the game a bit easier in the beginning, by a small amount.

Bugs fixes...

Ever had the issue that you were about to consume a planet - but instead it consumed you? The ice would incorrectly cause you to shrink when you were a magma planet (and magma would shrink you as an ice body), which is now fixed.

All colors now use premultiplied alpha. Why does that matter? Because now all transitions are without annoying graphical glitches. This could be noted previously while alpha transitioning the game from the big bang.

Although not well tested (we lack the hardware to test it ourselves), high DPI should now be better supported. This includes better text rendering at both high and low resolutions. This includes the web version.

Felt lucky that the magma and ice projectiles didn't hit you? Well, sadly it was a bug - projectile and player body collision detection is now fixed.

Have fun playing!

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